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MINI Augmented Reality

MINI Augmented Reality

Nice project realized by Eatmydear (3D modelling and shading), wild (augmented reality coding) and me (art direction and concept).

»Explore More Corners« is MINI’s main marketing message for 2018. MINI wants their target group to discover their urban areas and to see and think outside the box.

Exploring the unexplored with MINI does not necessarily end in the real world. There are a lot of possibilities to get people away from their comfort zones and inspire them to change their perspective.

We created an augmented reality area with a virtual environment where the users experience the brand identity in a playful, entertaining and unusual way as a part of a flexible Brand and Product hub – the MINI pop-up SPACE – which is touring now from one big European city to the next. By entering through a physical door the user steps into a sophisticated urban street landscape with lots of details to discover that reflects MINI’s brand thinking. Real dimension scaling allow the user to walk through the streets. The virtual environment was designed in an illustrative way to avoid an imitating reality. All shop buildings have their own  corporate identities with elements, logos & typefaces. Animated elements like a flock of birds, moving clouds and interactive animated street art pieces on the walls keep encouraging the users to discover more. To trigger the user to literally change the perspective we used deconstructed Type-Elements.

Explore, perceive, rethink – with MINIs Augmented Reality Area.



Art Direction, Augmented Reality, Concept