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MINI Pop-up Space

MINI Pop-up Space

Nice project realized by Neonred (architectural design & production), wild (augmented reality), Eatmydear (3D) and me (digital cube & augmented reality concept).

70% of MINI Europe´s target group is based in urban regions. And in these urban regions the possible customers can be found in clearly identifiable districts & hotspots. To push the brand presence in precisely these relevant areas and to be noticed by the potential customers in the whole country we developed a flexible Pop-up Showroom that both mix offline advertising on location and online activation for the market.

We created a sophisticated but friendly open space to explore the rich brand heritage in creativity & design. The brand pillars – Creative Solutions, Design, Makers, Personality, Personalization and – of course – the history of the brand are presented in a tangible & interactive way. To experience the wide product and service range of MINI we developed an interactive cube system based on several touchscreens & video installations. A 24/7 usage helped increase the awareness.

“Explore more corners” is MINI’s main marketing message for 2018. But exploring the unexplored with MINI does not necessarily end in the real world: We created an augmented reality area with a virtual environment where the users experience the brand identity in a playful, entertaining and unusual way.

To create a smart strengthening effect we use the MINI Pop-up SPACE as a branded stage & production hub for ongoing content marketing:
Based on the brand pillars mentioned before we create a wave of Social media assets both for the channels of our cooperating partners and MINIs own channels:

  • Livestreams of Fashiondesigner-Talks
  • Barista-Workshops
  • Meet&Greets with Social-Media Influencers on location
  • Morning Yoga-Sessions
  • Weekend-warm up DJ Sets
  • 360 Videos of MINI testrides to hip hotspots in the city starting at the MINI Pop-up Space.
  • Productvideos of new car features
  • Instagram stories of quick MINI #exploremorecorners trips to hip city spots

On the first stop of the MINI Pop-up Space in Austria we had 8000 visitors and 700 qualified leads in one week at the location. On Social Media we generated a massiv amount of relevant content, that will be distributed in the next weeks based on a content plan. First postings generated thousands of views.



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