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Red Bull Creative Website

Red Bull Creative Website

»We need a stunning idea & a strong impact with a different approach« that was the briefing given to me. So me & my team had to come up with something completely new: We called it Cuckooing (refering to the bird, that lays its eggs in the nests of others).

We used blogs, web forums and communities as our webspace and cross-linked the different sites: The homepage could be reached under the usual domain address and a simple navigation bar was used to click through the different sections that were placed on thematically suitable sites (e.g. the “Contact” information was on a dating website). The “Work” section was featured on a crafts website (bastelforum.de), the “Who are we” section was placed on an esoterism blog (esoterikforum.net). To prevent a breakdown of the site (if we got kicked out of a forum) I used a dynamic link system over DYNDNS with backup links for each section.

Awarded at the ADC Europe and the Creative Club Austria.



ADC, Advertising, CCA, Red Bull