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Volkstheater arsonists

Volkstheater arsonists

Awarded with a Platin & Gold Effie 2020.
I am working on a regular basis as a freelancer for DMB. – one of Austria´s top advertising agencies.
Together with incredible colleagues – Sebastian Kaufmann, Anna Repitsch, Jennifer Vacha, Mario Goldsteiner, Sophie Englhofer, Marcello Demner & Mariusz Jan Demner – we succeeded in a nice PR stunt and made it into the number one primetime news show.

For the premiere of the play “Biedermann & die Brandstifter” in the Volkstheater Vienna – one of the largest theaters in german-speaking countries – we played with the fire and together with pyrotechnists we created a “brand” new campaign. Real theatre props and other advertising material were burnt and placed at hotspots in Vienna. The spark jumped over – to the passers-by, to the social media community, to Austria’s media and the theater audience.
The sold-out premiere proved: Vienna was burning again for the Volkstheater!
Awarded by the Creativ Club Austria in six categories.

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